Work/life balance is one of the greatest modern day myths.

With life assigned second place in this concept, it’s no wonder why we find ourselves overworked and under-lived. When we shift our accountability and think of work as a part of life, we open ourselves to a new framework that creates true balance by doing our life’s work through the intentional use of our three most limited resources: time, energy and money.

Our Philosophy

Are you doing your Life’s Work?

Although we typically consider balance as being the perfect center point, the fact of the matter is, in life, balance is a moving target. It requires constant attention and energy, and when that’s not present, we forget to nurture the simple connections that make our life, our life.

Stuck in the tyranny of routine and shoulds, our time is prioritized solely around productivity. Time is the only thing we can’t get back, yet we instinctively put our time into our work before our lives. When we move beyond the basic concepts of balance, and past the trivial notions of integration, we free ourselves to do our life’s work.

Learn From Home

What We Do

Balanceo focuses on creating a personal management system that supports our clients as they embrace accountability and meaningfully utilize their time, energy and money. Our purpose is to create strong relationships, and build trust in a unique, judgment-free space for people to define their life’s work. Our clients venture out on a journey of extreme badassery that challenges cherished beliefs, questions past behaviors, and builds intention into every future action. To accomplish this monumental feat, we provide the following:

1-on-1 Business Coaching

With coaching engagements ranging from 3 months to a year, we provide customizable experiences in a one-on-one setting, that inspire leaders to do their life’s work.

Group Business Coaching

Themed sessions that provide community-focused accountability and support, through group style coaching.

Meeting Facilitation

Time is your most valuable resource. Make your meetings effective, productive and action-oriented by utilizing a skilled facilitator to make every minute count.


Speaking Engagements

When we move beyond the basic concepts of balance and integration, we free ourselves. Engage your audience with passion, humor and enthusiasm, as we delve into what it means to “do your life’s work.”

Let’s Learn From Each Other

Who We Work With

Our organization helps anyone that is doing their life’s work. These include business owners, non-profiteers, community activists, neighborhood advocates, and leaders of social businesses.

About The Founder

Man on a Mission

Benjamin Weeda, Principal

Ben is obsessed with cultivating extreme badassery in the world. He brings 14 years of experience working face-to-face with diverse groups of leaders including CEOs, executive directors, entrepreneurs, funders and community groups. As a proud Co-Founder of Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute, Ben spent 9 years on the front lines of microfinance engaging in facilitating, training, and community engagement. After a stint in various nonprofit leadership roles, Ben founded Balanceo in 2018 to spend more time with his true love: entrepreneurs.

Ben serves as a mentor for the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative, and is the sitting Secretary of the Denver Strategic Partnerships Commission.

What We’re Learning

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